Kent & Abigail Sherman

Chris is a really great guy, and a truly talented real estate specialist. He helped us navigate a very difficult real estate landscape throughout the several cities my wife and I were interested in, and he managed to help my family and I work through some very complex issues that we were dealing with.

In the end, he negotiated a n excellent home for us with pricing and terms that will allow us a tremendous amount of flexibility for years to come. Not many people can purchase a home and the immediately rent it for 50% more than the mortgage price and carrying costs, but Chris was able to find and negotiate this type of value for us.

It was a pleasure working with Chris and his team, and I intend to do several deal with them in the future. Chris has my highest recommendation to both buyers and sellers of real estate in the greater Los Angeles area without equivocation.

When Chris and I first met, it was a great balance of formality and handshakes. Now when I see him it is all hugs and appreciation. I trust him with anything, and will always want to have him at the helm when it comes to helping manage this important part of my young family’s legacy.

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