Top Questions I’m Answering


Seems like everybody has an opinion on the current housing market and it’s a lot to keep track of If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home you probably already have the feeling like you have your hands full. That’s where we come in . We keep a close eye on the latest trends in the industry and can explain what they mean for you. Here are just a few of the top questions that I’m answering right now.

One What’s happening with the mortgage rates . Rates have risen dramatically this year in response to higher inflation to where home prices, head prices are moderating as the market cools.

But that doesn’t mean that they are crashing down. Three Should I buy or sell a home right now. Well, that always depends on your individual situation.

An expert can help you explore the options to decide what’s best for you thinking about making a move or investing you probably have questions in every market. Good or bad . There are those who make strategic and intelligent moves. If you’re open minded to learning how to capitalize on today’s market we are here to guide you.


Moving? Know the value of your home …