Home Prices are on the Rise

Are you worried that the home prices are gonna fall? Some will remember what happened last 2008.

Southern California Home Prices dropped 35%. But in today’s market it’s not the same. So let’s see what the experts says.

This graph show the latest Home Price Forecasts for 2022 from the seven industry leaders. If we average them all together expert say nationwide will see roughly 10% appreciation for this year. Well this isn’t the 15% increase that we saw in the market in 2021. It’s certainly not a decline and what we hope it stands out is that none of them are forecasting depreciation. If you recall we also discussed previous blog post that home value is on or are on the rise. and with the new data experts are remaining confident that the prices will continue to decline.

As always let’s connect or email us to get a copy of these slides or to get an idea of what your home value is in today’s market.

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