Reasons Why The Existing Home Inventory is Low

Have you put your plans so on hold because you have a great mortgage rate on your current house, or maybe you just don’t know where you’ll go if you make a move. A lot of people are thinking that way right now. And here’s why. I want you to look at the market a little bit differently. According to Mark Fleming, a chief economist at first American.

Two dynamics are keeping existing home inventory historically low rate locked existing homeowners, and the fear of not finding something to buy. Sound familiar? Well, here’s my advice. If you’re feeling like that, too, a lot of people are going to jump back into the market when interest rates come back down. And there just aren’t enough homes to go around when that happens.

So if you’re ready, making a move now gives you more choices, less competition from other buyers, and you have the opportunity to leverage the equity that you’ve gained all at the same time. If you’ve been holding off on selling, let’s chat. I’m here to answer your biggest questions and simplify your move.

Moving? Know the value of your home …