Another Happy HomeBuyer Represented by Chris Lucibello

We were extremely lucky to have been referred to Chris and Vicki by a couple from work (who had also been referred by another couple from work with a great experience) and we are now the third in a line of extremely happy homeowners.

Chris and Vicki were both wonderful to have on our side as we navigated purchasing a home for the first time. We can’t tell you how grateful we are for their knowledge of the area and the insights they shared as we explored different neighborhoods and property options. Both patient and personable, Chris and Vicki were always willing to make themselves available to explain (and re-explain) as we went along.

I don’t know how they did it, but from the beginning to end of our search – which took about four months – they always made us feel like a priority, they never dismissed us no matter how naïve we felt, and we truly trusted that they were working to represent our best interests through every step and every offer without rushing us into something we wouldn’t absolutely love.

We never would have ended up in our new home if it weren’t for Chris and Vicki’s amazing guidance and teamwork. One month after closing, we grow more excited and come to love and appreciate our new home each passing day. We are so grateful to them, we so appreciate them, we really can’t recommend them enough. Continuing to sing their praises is the least we can do, and we are happy and enthusiastic to do so.

Thank you, Chris and Vicki, you really are the best and we will always appreciate what you did for us!

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